Our Business Partnerships

We are offering a great opportunity for you and your school to partner up with local, national and international businesses in your area. Through our extensive links in the corporate world we can directly partner you up with businesses that want to help shape the way in which young people learn and prepare for the world of work.

School and business partnerships are key to developing young people's aspirations for the future. Having that direct and continued engagement with businesses for young people will help in their attitude toward the world of work.

What students can expect

  • Connecting with business industry
  • Confidence & Motivation
  • Enhancing their employability skills
  • Networking and Leadership skills
  • CV's, Applications and Interview Training
  • Career advice and opportunities
  • Work experience and apprenticeships
  • Inspiring and Driving Aspirations
  • Idustry led programs and workshops
  • Business and entrepreneurial skills
  • Presentation and social media skills
  • Starting up a Business

What you can expect achieve

  • Connecting with multiple businesses
  • Shaping the way your students learn
  • Creating strong long lasting business relationships
  • Increased student opportunities
  • Meeting multiple Ofsted measures
  • Statutory careers advice and guidance
  • Raising aspirations in young people
  • Providing better / enhanced opportunities to your learners
  • Being apart of a fast growing network of entrepreneurs, businesses, schools and young people

If you are interested in partnering businesses up with your school please get in touch with us.