Student Opportunities

By working with Young Professionals UK your students will be able to benefit from our extensive database of business professionals that are willing to offer work experience opportunities in a career path that they may be interested in. We have access to hundreds of different employers regionally and nationally that we can help put them in touch with. As well as that they will be taught directly by industry professionals and making these vital business connections at a young age.

School Packages

We can offer to schools a variety of different packages ranging from whole day and half day workshops to 30 hour contracts spread out the academic year. We understand that bridging the gap between businesses and schools is key to helping students develop in the world of work. Grades alone will not necessarily guarantee them into employability, we recognize this gap and pride ourselves in sessions that we deliver to the young students.

Our Sponsors

If you are interested in partnering businesses up with your school please get in touch with us.