Developing your skill set and approach to the job market

The Interview - A few Tips

  • Arrive on time, usually about 10 minutes before
  • Bring a pen and notebook
  • Research the company you are applying to
  • Strong Handshake
  • Eye Contact
  • Be confident but not arrogant
  • Be honest, you will alway be caught out
  • Be interested but also interesting

STAR Analysis

This formula is used by a lot of companies including Boots, the Big 4, Government bodies and other major international businesses. You must be able to present a case that justifies why you claim your excellences in a particular skill.

  • Situation - Scenario, what is the problem?
  • Task - What you had to do
  • Action - How you went about it
  • Result - The outcome of your actions

Social Media

  • Employers usually Google you to see what your online profiles say about you
  • Make sure you stay professional online
  • Get LinkedIN , this is a professional platform for people to view you on
  • Be careful what you post because it is alway online once you post something
  • If employers want to find you they will so setting your accounts to private will not protect you

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